Getting Out Of A Style Rut

Getting Out Of A Style Rut

Being in any kind of rut is hard. Whether it is style, health, relationship, family, or career, one troublesome area often leaks into the others.

One thing to remember is how we do anything is how we do everything. I hope to encourage you to get on the path of leveling up to become a better you! Life is too precious and too short to not show up your best and do your best in every area of life. I understand this is much easier said than done but it really does change everything. Let me share a little story with you


After I had my first child, I was living several hours away from my family, I had my husband but he worked long nightshift hours and slept during the day until the evening. My husband's family lived near by but they were always busy with their own things and they never offered any help.

I was stuck home alone recuperating from a difficult birth with a newborn baby girl that I had no idea how to care for. 


Of course I love my daughter and had to muster up the energy to care for her. In effect, I neglected basically everything about myself and this quickly became a habit. After some time, I realized I felt ugly, fat, and just all around frumpy. Shopping at the mall was horrible because it took so much time and I could never find nice clothes to wear that fit me right, I just didn't know how to put together an outfit, let alone have a "polished" look. 

One day while getting an alteration done, the dressmaker who was well into her 50s who had a great, effortless style started asking me confronting questions about myself, my body and how I dressed. I was a bit angry at her for being so direct commenting on how I dressed, but I later realized she wanted to help and I began to see her several times a week, she taught me all she knew about dressmaking, fashion, and body types. After a period of finding myself, I discovered I was not alone in feeling this way.

Women are such loving beings that they give everything they have but end up feeling empty. That is because we have never been taught to not give from our cup, but to give from our overflow.

If we give from our cup, we end up empty with nothing else to give to others or ourselves. It's like on a plane where they tell you in case of an emergency put your oxygen mask on first then help others beside you because if you don't help yourself first you will die trying to help others.

This is kind of what a rut is, a part of you has kind of died, you're not the same, and you feel lifeless.

When I started to learn and put thought into my style, everything started to change. The best part is that it is probably the easiest thing to change first. Getting a fitter body takes months to years, fixing our career, relationship, etc can also take a long time. Style can take minutes and instantly feel the results and confidence boost, which streams into all other areas of life creating a domino effect of good changes. 

When you look good, you feel good, and truth is you're never too old, fat, or short on time to look good!

The trick is to play up the things we like and downplay our trouble spots. 
If you haven't checked out our article on the 5 different body shapes, I suggest you go there first. 


Our appearance and body changes so much over time, we just have to learn to adapt to it. 

Looking good, improves our confidence and can dramatically change how we show up to the world, we ca feel more prepared and have a better attitude.

If you are really feeling down, I strongly suggest you start a gratitude journal, writing 3 things you're grateful for everyday. Sometimes we just need a bit of a change in mindset to get things going.

We are in this together and the Above Apparel family is here to help and encourage each other. Please feel free to comment whatever is going through your mind. I love hearing from you!

You're not alone, I love you and I'm right there with you on this journey!
Remember there's only one you, and you are the most beautiful you when you smile.


Happy styling,


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